Core Values

BrookLink’s Core Values guide how we achieve our mission, influencing our major leadership decisions as well as everyday ministry plans. They help us navigate staffing and budget issues. They keep us focused on the unique call that God has given us as an organization. 



BrookLink is committed to ministry that aligns with God's Word, is prayerful and dynamic, and practices the disciplines of the Spirit's power that arise from an intimate walk with Christ.


Understanding that each person bears the image of God, we endeavor to cultivate an atmosphere of mutual acceptance and respect toward one another. We model healthy relationships with our partners and teams, encouraging each one to attain his or her full potential in Christ. 


We seek to serve our brothers and sisters across the globe. We particularly wish to be sensitive to the needs and concerns of local pastors, leaders, and churches in areas of the world that are developing and under-resourced. 


We seek to listen to and collaborate with churches and other agencies locally and globally. Our aim is to model inter-dependency that builds the capacity of churches, pastors, and leaders through a strategy of shared leadership, empowerment, and co-investment. 


We emphasize what we can offer to help others in their own context and culture. We give priority to strategies of multiplication that allow us to leverage our efforts for greater kingdom impact. 


We endeavor to watch where God is at work in our world, and we seek to be characterized by faith, courage, love, and boldness in our witness to the most needy places in our community and world. 

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